IMG_6492Farm life is exciting and busy. There are activities in which people of all abilities can take part.  All of our farms are real working farms that set aside time each week to work specifically with our participants. Each day’s activities are geared toward the individual participant and include all the different aspects of daily life on a farm throughout the seasons. While highly productive work is not the goal, it can provide the energy and framework for a fun and meaningful day.

All of our programs utilize the farm and ranch environment to help our participants attain goals that are set by them and others involved in their development. For each client, we can usually find a fitting program and the best matching farm or ranch.

Some specific programs we offer:

Day programs for people with Developmental Disabilities on the DD Waiver program. Participants spend days on the farm to work on specific life- or work related skills, as well as simply improve their quality of life by interacting with others, spending time in the outdoors, staying active and engaging in meaningful activities.

Job Readiness Training and Vocational Rehabilitation activities. Days on the farm are tailored to build job skills for people who would like to work towards finding community employment.

Lifeside farms: Farm days designed for seniors looking for companionship, for respite and a way to stay active.

If you would like more information on any of our programs, please fill out the following form. Or you can email Rachel Grant:


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