Care Farm Challenge

The Care Farm Challenge is a farm style obstacle race styled after the Spartan Race and adapted for our friends with special needs. For the last six years we have held this event at gorgeous Centennial Farm located in west valley. Our Care Farm participants work for months to build an exciting course where athletes will face creek crossings, Care farm challenge banner logoclimbing obstacles, and many other challenges to reach the finish. Thanks to many generous donors in our community, we have been able to offer this event free of charge to the public each year.

We are sad to announce that the Care Farm Challenge will be cancelled for 2020. Due to ongoing concerns about COVID-19 we have decided that this is the most prudent option.

Additionally, for the summer of 2021 we will be seeking a new location for our event. We are so grateful for the years we spent at Centennial Farm and the many weeks and hours of work given to this event by Les Keller and his family. It truly was a gift to our community to have been able to hold the Challenge at his farm.

If you have questions or would like to support the effort to find a new location for the Care Farm Challenge, please call Rachel Grant at 406-471-1613, or email

Click in our Care Farm Challenge Gallery to look at some pictures from our previous races.

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